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Thailand Elite Visa -Reserve Membership

20 Years Elite Visa
Reserve Membership

Our most exclusive package that grants you the freedom of choice and opens the door to endless privileges.

  • 20 Years Visa validity
  • 5,000,000 THB membership fee
  • Membership can be transferred
  • Additional 2,000,000 THB membership fee per member.
  • Non-Upgradeable
  • 120 Privilege Points/Year

Introducing the pinnacle of Thai privilege: Unveiling the Reserve Elite Membership, the epitome of luxury within the Thailand Elite Visa program. Exclusively available by invitation, this membership offers unparalleled prestige.


With an impressive 20-year validity, members are promised two decades of extraordinary experiences within Thailand. Access to this rarified world begins with an initial membership fee of 5,000,000 THB, with an additional 2,000,000 THB extending the same privileges to each family member through the elite visa Thailand program.


Central to the allure of the Reserve Thailand privilege card is its transferability, ensuring the continuation of luxury for generations to come. However, upgrades remain exclusive to preserve the integrity of this distinguished membership.


To enhance this elite experience, members receive an annual allocation of 120 privilege points, granting them entry to a carefully curated selection of Thailand’s most sought-after experiences and offerings, all through the Thai privilege card.


The Reserve Elite Membership transcends mere access; it embodies timeless elegance, epitomizes luxury, and represents the very best of Thailand. 

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We are an Authorized General Services Agent of Thailand Privilege Govt Company.

We are an Agent of Thailand Privilege Govt Company, Legal Advisors as an Authorized General  Services Agent to advocate for their Thailand Elite membership programs. With a local office in banbkgok, Thailand, our seasoned team is well-positioned to lead you through the Thai Elite card acquisition process. We are committed to supporting you during the application process and facilitating the submission of necessary documentation. For any inquiries or questions about the Thailand Elite Visa, feel free to reach out via our 24/7 live chat.