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Apply now for the Thailand Elite Visa, offering exclusive benefits and a 20-year residency in Thailand. The Thailand Privilege Residence Program allows you to enjoy various perks using earned points. The streamlined Thailand Privilege Application Portal simplifies the process with swift online submissions. Track your progress conveniently online and access complimentary assistance upon request. Take advantage of the privileges of the Elite Visa Thailand offers through the Thailand Privilege Card program.

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The Highlights of Our Program Advantages

Discover the benefits of the Thailand Privilege Residence Program, which offers four unique options varying in validity, points allocation, and fees. With no obligatory minimum stay requirement and appealing tax advantages, the Thailand Privilege visa grants access to various perks and savings nationwide. Dive into the extensive privileges afforded by the Thailand Privilege program, including those associated with the Thailand Elite Visa, Elite Visa Thailand, Thai Elite Visa, and Thailand Privilege Card.

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5 Years- Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is uniquely designed for individuals seeking a refined living experience in Thailand.

10 Years-Platinum Membership

Step into a world of expanded opportunities and enriched experiences with the Platinum Membership.

15 years-Diamond Membership

Experience a redefined life with the Sliver Membership, promising extended enjoyment and luxury living in Thailand.

20 Years-Reserve Membership

Our most exclusive package that grants you the freedom of choice and opens the door to endless privileges.

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Elite member in 3 steps


Submit your Thailand Elite application for the selected membership.


a. Wait for approval from the immigration, expect 4 to 12 weeks depending on your nationality. b. Make the payment by bank transfer or credit card.


That's it! Once your payment is credited, you will officially become Thailand Elite member. We will arrange your Thailand Elite visa and you can access to all the privileges.

Why should you opt for our services for a Thai Elite Visa?

We are an Authorized General Services Agent of Thailand Privilege Govt Company.

We specialize in facilitating the acquisition of Thailand Elite membership programs. Our team, based in Bangkok, Thailand, comprises experienced professionals who guide you through obtaining the Thai Elite card. We pledge our full support throughout the application process and ensure the smooth submission of all required documentation. If you have any queries regarding the Thailand Elite Visa or Thailand Privilege Card, please Contact us via our 24/7 live chat service.


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