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Thailand Privilege Visa
Application Processing Steps

1. Initiate Your Application

Choose the "Apply Now" option to complete your application online. After submitting your application through your account, one of our advisors will review your documents and submit them for due diligence. The Immigration Bureau stipulates a processing time of one to three months.

2. Issuance of Approval Letter

If the due diligence process is successful, an approval letter will be issued, accompanied by an invoice and instructions on how to remit the program fee.

3. Complete Payment

Payment can be made to Thailand Privilege Co (TPC) through various methods, including:
Transfer from an overseas bank account Transfer from a local bank account.
Direct deposit of the membership fee to TPC's bank account.
Online and credit card payment
After completing the payment, proof of payment must be submitted to TPC for verification. Once verified by TPC's finance department, the successful applicant will be registered in the system and assigned a unique member ID.

4. Issuance of Welcome Letter

A welcome letter containing the successful applicant’s member ID will be issued. This letter, along with an overview of the program benefits, will be sent directly to the member via email by TPC. The successful applicant can use the welcome letter to reserve the Thailand Privilege visa, to be affixed to their passport, by contacting the member contact center.

Apply for the Thailand Privilege Residence Program

The Thailand Privilege Residence Program provides the chance to acquire a privileged entry visa, granting you the privilege to reside in the country for up to 20 years. The program includes a range of additional services and benefits that can be redeemed using earned points. The Thailand Privilege Application Portal ensures a swift and straightforward application process, enabling you to apply and monitor your progress online. Complimentary assistance is available upon request.