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Thailand Elite Visa -Diamond Membership

15 Years Elite Visa
Diamond Membership

Experience a redefined life with the Diamond Membership, promising extended enjoyment and luxury living in Thailand.

  • 15 Years Visa validity
  • 2,500,000 THB membership fee
  • Membership can’t be transferred
  • Additional 1,500,000 additional membership fee per member
  • Upgradeable
  • 55 Privilege Points/Year

Elevate your Thai living experience with the Thailand Elite Visa, a symbol of sophistication and unparalleled luxury. Catering to the discerning individual, the Elite Visa offers a prolonged stay and an immersive journey into Thailand’s finest.


Enjoy the privilege of a 15-year validity, reflecting the essence of enduring elegance and commitment. With a membership fee of 2,500,000 THB, the Elite Visa ensures that every moment in Thailand resonates with luxury and exclusivity. And for each additional family member? A mere 1,500,000 THB ensures they, too, bask in the same luxury.


While the Elite Visa’s essence is rooted in exclusivity, it also embodies flexibility with the option to upgrade, allowing members to redefine their luxury benchmarks continuously. To further enhance this extravagant journey, 55 privilege points are awarded annually, opening doors to many unique experiences.


Enter a world where luxury has no boundaries. Welcome to the Thailand Elite Visa – where every year is a testament to unparalleled Thai elegance.


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